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How do I apply to participate in the exhibition?
Please refer to the participation guide page.
  • Early bird application deadline: Until August 9, 2024
  • General application deadline: Until November 1, 2024
What is the difference between a shell scheme booth, a premium booth and space only?
판넬을 손상시키지 않는 범위 안으로 낚싯줄과 S자 고리만 사용하여 부착을 허용합니다. 못 질, 본드 사용은 일절 금지되어 있으며,
  • A shell scheme booth is a basic booth provided by the organizer. It includes walls, a signboard, Pytex flooring, lighting, 1KW of electricity, one power outlet, one desk, and one folding chair set.
  • A space only booth only provides the exhibition space (3m x 3m, 9㎡), so participating companies must select a booth construction company registered with COEX and install the booth separately.
    * Space only booth can only be applied for in units of two or more.
  • A premium booth is a high-end booth type that is differentiated from the basic shell scheme booth. It allows for cost savings and effective marketing compared to a space only option.
Can I choose the location of my booth once my application is complete?
Booths are allocated based on the items selected during the application process. Please note that it is challenging to accommodate all requests due to the exhibition regulations, which consider the exhibit items, booth size, and booth type
How do I pay the booth participation fee and receive a tax invoice after applying?
Once the online application is completed, the secretariat will send an exhibitor details form to the exhibitors.
The deposit (50% of the total booth fee) must be paid within 7 days after submitting the application, and the remaining 50% must be paid by November 1.
※ For general applications, the deposit must be paid within 5 days after submitting the application to complete the contract, and the balance must be paid along with the additional service fees by the balance payment due date to complete the contract.
※ Tax invoices for participation fees will be issued collectively within 7 days after the end of the exhibition.
Where should I inquire about additional furniture request, or booth construction?
Please refer to the announcement of designated cooperative companies on the website.
How can I apply for utility service for booth installation?
You will be informed about utility service application from secretariat or through your agency before 1~2 month prior to the exhibition. You can also apply for utility service when applying booth. Additional purchases and modifications can be made up to one month before the exhibition.
For space only booths, is it mandatory to use only COEX designated companies for booth construction?
Booth construction can only be carried out by COEX designated companies.
Please refer to the list of 'COEX designated cooperative companies' and select one of them.
However, if you proceed with self-construction without using a COEX registered exhibition contractor, it is limited to the use of self-owned fixtures that can be assembled within 4 hours, focusing on display. In this case, you must submit and obtain approval for 'self-construction documents' from the secretariat.
Even in this case, electrical (wiring) and carpet work must be carried out using COEX designated cooperative companies.
How can I display logos or trademarks other than the company name on the signboard?
The signboards will be produced by the organizer in a uniform format and design. Please use the interior of the booth for displaying logos and trademarks.
For space only booths, signboards are not provided.
When can I start using the internet and electricity?
The internet service is provided only to companies that have applied for LAN usage. Exhibitors who have applied for the wired LAN service should set up their computers at the planned location. The service company will inform you of the IP address upon installation.
Electricity supply is expected to be available after 4 PM on the last day of booth construction. This is because internal electrical work and exhibit setup must be completed for all participating companies. For safety reasons, electricity cannot be supplied if even one company has not completed electrical work. Therefore, please cooperate to ensure electrical work is completed as quickly as possible.
What is the difference between single phase, three phase, and 24-hour electricity?
Single-phase: Suitable for devices that use relatively small amounts of power (e.g., laptops, refrigerators)
Three-phase: Suitable for devices that use larger amounts of power than single-phase (e.g., industrial machines, motors)
24-hour: Power supply is cut off uniformly after the exhibition ends for the day. Apply for 24-hour power if you need power outside of exhibition hours for items like refrigeration/freezing.
Can I attach items to the shell scheme booth?
Attaching items is allowed only with fishing lines and S-hooks within the range that does not damage the panel.
Nails and glue are strictly prohibited. If the panel is damaged due to prohibited methods, the respective company will bear the cost of restoring it to its original condition, so please be careful.
Is on-site sales of products allowed at the exhibition?
On-site sales activities are prohibited at the Seoul International Sourcing Fair as it is a B2B exhibition.
Are parking permits provided for participating companies?
The Seoul International Sourcing Fair secretariat does not provide separate parking permits for participating companies. However, during setup and dismantling periods, a 3-hour free parking permit is provided for work vehicles entering the loading area. Passenger cars must pay for parking separately.
*During the exhibition period, participating companies can scan the QR code on the Kakao T banner installed at the exhibition entrance to register their vehicle and purchase a daily pass at a 50% discount. (30-minute / 1-hour passes are not eligible for discounts.)
What is the admission fee for the exhibition?
Free with pre-registration, 10,000 KRW for on-site registration.
What are the exhibition hours?
December 4 (Wed) and 5 (Thu), 2024: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
December 6 (Fri), 2024: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
*Entry closes 30 minutes before the exhibition ends.
Can I re-enter the exhibition after leaving?
Re-entry is allowed if you are wearing the undamaged entry badge.
How much is the parking fee?
Parking tickets are not provided, so please use public transportation if possible. The parking fee is 3,000 KRW for the first 30 minutes, 1,500 KRW per 15 minutes, and 60,000 KRW for a full day. A 50% discount on the “full-day pass” is available if you scan the QR code on the yellow Kakao banner at the exhibition entrance and exit.\
  • Discount information: 50% discount for disabled persons and national veterans
  • Parking inquiries: COEX (02-6002-7130)
I pre-registered but did not receive my entry barcode.
You can print your entry badge by entering your registered mobile phone number at the on-site kiosk.
Which companies are participating in the Seoul International Sourcing Fair?
The list of participating companies and the booth layout will be announced on the website later.
Can I bring food and drinks?
For the safety and convenience of international buyers and visitors, food and drinks are prohibited. Please use nearby facilities for meals.
How can I stay current on the upcoming Sourcing Fair event?
You can subscribe to the newsletter on the official Seoul International Sourcing Fair website (www.sipremium.com/) to receive recent information on Sourcing Fair.